My wife and I have been in our house for a little over two months now. We set aside some money for things that we needed in the new house: washer, dryer, and dishwasher to name a few. The appliances in our house we replaced were pretty disgusting.  I could have looked for some deals on used ones, but we decided to go new.

Our dining room in our old house was small, and my father-in-law found a decent little table on the side of the road that we’ve used for the last five years. One of my friends built a farmhouse table and it turned out pretty kick a$$. Knowing that we needed a new table AND that a new table would be expensive, I looked into the same plans my friend used for building a farmhouse table because the total cost for all of the materials was less than $120. 

farmhouse table

That price included the wood and all of the pieces to put it together, as shown in my Home Depot receipt. This is a significant saving because we’ve seen tables that we liked for >$500 at furniture stores.

My Woodworking Experience

I am an electrical engineer by degree – there was a reason I didn’t go into mechanical engineering. I’ve never been terribly handy, but when I purchased my first house I found the best way to learn and improve my handy skills was by doing.

You always learn something by doing because you inherently make mistakes. The best way for me to learn something is to make a mistake, and if you are like me, you never forget the mistakes. In my first house, I got good at hanging things on the wall and putting together furniture from Ikea. But as I stared down the instructions for making this table, I knew this would be a slightly more complicated task.

Luckily, my friend that built a table in his house was willing to help me build my table. My friend had some tools that I didn’t have that definitely helped make the job easier. I almost impulse purchased a miter saw, but I thought I would see this project through to gauge my interest level in woodworking.

Here is a link to the farmhouse table. This website is pretty cool and there are some informative videos. However, I hate the number of ads that they have on their website.

I purchased the wood this past week, and started some of the Kreg Jig holes under the strict supervision of my daughter:

farmhouse table

My friend and I began “full” construction Friday after work. We had the table top constructed before leaving to go out for a bite to eat.

I know many of my fellow bloggers enjoy craft beer, and I DO TOO! However, Busch Light is a good woodworking beer 🙂

Saturday morning, we resumed work to build the two leg supports. This part required quite a few cuts, and my buddy had his miter saw to speed up the process. I measured out the wood, and my buddy cut them to length. By 10:00 AM we had the cuts complete. I assembled one of the legs Saturday before my friend left. I put the second leg together this morning (Sunday.)


What’s Next?

Now comes the time-consuming part:  sanding!

I started sanding the table this afternoon. However, because I’m an avid golf fan – the Masters took precedence. I was disappointed Rose didn’t win. Although I’m not the biggest Sergio fan, it was pretty cool to finally see him win a major.

I plan to spend some time each night this week sanding the table. Once the sanding is complete, there are a few more steps – coating with sanding sealer and polyurethane. Finally, we need to go pick out some stain and stain this bad boy! I could use some sanding tips if anyone wants to comment and share below 🙂

I was pretty nervous about building my own table. Although I’m not finished, I’m happy with where the table is at after a couple of days of work. There is a bench that goes with the table that I plan to build next. I’ll keep everyone posted when I finish with some pictures!

Does anyone have some helpful woodworking words of wisdom to share?

Have you built a farmhouse table or other furniture to save money? How did it turn out?